CV/ Exhibition History

Jake studied cinematography at the American Film Institute [LA] and the Royal College of Art [London]. While at the RCA he was awarded the Freddie Young/ BSC Cinematography scholarship, and won the Arriflex award from his camerawork on the short film STROWGER SWITCH in the Fuji Film Scholarship of 1996.

After graduating he cut his teeth on hundreds of music videos and commercials, working with some of the biggest names in popular music - including Robbie Williams, the Kaiser Chiefs, James Blunt, Athlete, and Groove Armada - and was nominated for best cinematography at the CADS Music Video awards in 2002, 2005 and 2006, winning in 2004. His camerawork has been featured in publications ranging from American Cinematographer to Shots, Promo, Creative Review and Broadcast.

He has lit many award winning short films including GRANDPA [director: Andy Shelley, Best Film, Greenwich Film Festival 2000],  THE ARCHITECT [director: Luke Watson, Most Promising New Talent award, British Short Film Festival 1997], SWALLOWED [director: Olly Blackburn, Best Short Film, Karlovy Vary Film Festival 1997]. He shot the Film 4 funded short film, SONGS FOR MY MOTHER for artists JANE and LOUISE WILSON, and the ‘North London Book of the Dead,’ the first cinematic adaptation of any Will Self short story, for Jake Lushington [Newcomer award, Rushes Short Film Festival 2012].

He has extensive experience in television with credits including the TV shows SPOOKS and HUSTLE, both for the BBC,  SECRET SMILE for Granada starring David Tennant and Kate Ashfield, and the original opening episodes of PRIMEVAL for ITV, starring Douglas Henshall. Recent credits include Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – ‘The National Anthem,’ [winner of Best Comedy at the Montreux television festival and an international Emmy], the Doctor Who episode ‘Journey to the Centre of the Tardis,’ ITV’s ‘The Bletchley Circle,’ and the US series ‘The Assets’ an original ABC show about the CIA in the 80s. Jake recently completed photography on the Russell T Davies show Cucumber for Channel 4 to be broadcast in 2015.

Jake has also gained valuable experience as a 2nd unit DP, working on movies including Enduring Love [Director: Roger Michell, DP Haris Zambarloukos BSC], Salmon Fishing in the Yemen [Director: Lasse Hallstrom, DP: Terry Stacey ASC], The World’s End [Director: Edgar Wright, DP: Bill Pope ASC] and Divergent [Director: Neil Burger, DP Alwin Kuchler BSC].

In 2004 he directed his first film,'School of Life'. The film has been to film festivals around the world and was awarded several prizes including Best British Short Film at the British Independent Film Awards 2004 and the Technovision award for best photography at the Capalbio International Short Film Festival. It has been sold and broadcast around the world.

Jake has been a fine art photographer for over twenty years; recently his work has focussed on panoramic infrared landscapes taken in locations across the globe. He has been collaborating with Melvin Cambettie Davies on his prints over the last five years, and they have arrived at a particular combination of split toning and printing which amplifies the magical quality of the infrared images.

'My work is focused on the evocation of pure and ancient landscapes. These images are about picturing an unspoilt landscape, where evidence of modern human interference has been kept to a minimum. In attempting to preserve these environments by creating timeless pictures I try to evoke images from photography's origin. Working with infrared film and split toned prints, there is the feeling of an historical image, the sense of someone observing these places with a camera for the first time. 

'Unlike the highly expensive precision tools I use in my cinematography, the Russian Horizon cameras I have been using for this work are plastic, part of the same aesthetic that has brought the Lomo and Holga cameras to prominence. It is in a way a very disposable camera - often I feel I make images with them despite the cameras rather than with their help. Yet the kinds of pictures they allow me to take seem to have a real affinity with infrared imagery.

'Kodak HIE infrared film is itself an endangered material. Now discontinued, it was originally used for aerial reconnaissance. Incredibly sensitive, it requires delicate handling, and its lack of an anti-halation backing makes it very liable to flare. But this also gives a magical quality to my subjects - the blown out highlights of living vegetation literally glow with light. Because the material itself has an unknown quality - it photographs part of the spectrum not visible to the naked eye – making images with HIE is not so much documenting or recording a landscape - as transforming it.’

Jake is represented by Fotografique and Lensmodern. Some of his work is for sale via The Artful Project.


1994 – Photographers Workshop Exhibition - 103–104 St. Marys Road, OX4 1QD, Oxford – 01865 202 102.

2006 – Mario’s Café - 6 Kelly Street, NW18PH -

2007 – Square Art Show - Golden Square Production Gallery, 11 Golden Square, W1F 9JB . -

2007 – Association of Photographers Gallery – 81 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS, -

2007 - Stephanie Hoppen Gallery - 17 Walton Street, London SW3 2HX

2009 - Kiddell Gallery, Sotheby's - 34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA

All images are available for sale as limited edition toned silver prints or open edition giclee prints.